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Divine by Beachpie
For :iconsurpius:, via a trade with :iconsaycha:! Even though this character seems like a demon, they look very angelic (hence the title.)
I had a lot of fun with this one! Wanted to practice my foreshortening some more, I still need to work on it, aha. The colors came out really well too, especially thanks to the texture.

Texture: Glowy Textures #4 Reference: Bird's Eye Prespective Girls
Skeletons of Fun by Beachpie
Skeletons of Fun
From the museum of Natural History. I'm going there again on tuesday *_* 
and maybe Thursday, too.
Pascal: Anxious, stubborn, observant to other's feelings. Dead version preferred.

Pascal by Beachpie Ghost by Beachpie Pascal by Beachpie Siblings by Beachpie Float by Beachpie Icon Time by Beachpie Another Day by Beachpie Clef by Beachpie Best Friend by BeachpieFriend by Beachpie Fear and (Self) Loathing by BeachpieAsk Pascal and Friends by Beachpie ?! by Beachpie Dress Time by Beachpie Ay by Beachpie Hair Beachpie by Beachpie Alright by BeachpieHeadshot Comm - Beachpie by flarechessYeehaw by Beachpie Palette requests thing by JinxBiss

Henry: Excitable, very expressive, adventurous. Draw the more accurate ones (freckles and transitioning tail!)
Henry Ref by Beachpie Hey There by Beachpie Henry! by Beachpie Fat Lil Henry by Beachpie Meme Time by Beachpie (most accurate! 3rd on top) Jump! by Beachpie (also v accurate)Nice by Beachpie Not again by Blue-Uncia Henry by SunkuMrHenry sketch by MrRakky Lao-zi by mellocatHenry by Odettery

Maria: Imaginative, manipulative, intimidating (Hisiheyah draws her the best, outfit changes encouraged!)

Maria by Beachpie Meme Time by Beachpie (#1 on top) Yeehaw by Beachpie Ya Blue It by Beachpie Don't Move by Beachpie (younger Maria) TPOCT Valentine Cards by hisiheyahPaparazzi by hisiheyah 

Arba: Sweet, determined, satisfied.

Arba by Beachpie There You Are by Beachpie  Meme Time by Beachpie (2nd on left) Everything Will Be Alright by Beachpie Kawaii Arba by Beachpie Yeehaw by Beachpie
  Wehh2 by Beachpie (updated design is top left)

Gateau: Quirky, selfish, curious.

Cake Squid Icon by Beachpie Lil Squidcake ID by Beachpie Squidcake by Beachpie Meme Time by Beachpie (bottom left) Afternoon Picnic by Beachpie Sparkling by Beachpie 

Dragon Dino: Friendly, simple, eager. (Very large)

Meme Time by Beachpie Rargh by Beachpie Paparazzi by hisiheyah 

Merm: Protective, aggressive, good at fighting.
Mermaid by Beachpie Merm by Beachpie Merm by Beachpie C: Merm by sugareclair (last two are the updated versions)
Yve: Quiet, motherly.

Auroris: Pascal Chandhar by Beachpie Only to Find I've Come Alive by Beachpie

Madonna: Kind, greedy, an idiot.

I've Been Summoned by Beachpie Auroris: Pascal Chandhar by Beachpie L-U-V! by Beachpie

Rajni: Clever, good at reading emotions.

Raj beachpie by Beachpie


Demon Adopts [CLOSED] by Beachpie They Call It A 'Selfie' by Beachpie

Designs by others:

Noctilae Cat By Vanillastarburst-d7qjzfv (1) by Beachpie For Beachpie by PeligaReffo by Beachpie April Creature Exchange for Beachpie by Pepperjack-Kiwi Design Exchange- Thread by Thread by SenpaiLovesYouBakas creature exchange - june by muxloe Beachpie - creature exchange (July) by Whip-o-will August Creature Exchange~ by LunarEden

My Charas
Big list of references/pictures of all my characters. Quite a few of these have been designed by others :>
Will update frequently!
Hi guys! Apologies for not being chatty over the last few months, but now I'm nearly done with the semester so I can be more active! 
Hope y'all are taking the cold well :> Anyone have any holiday plans?

To do (aka break goals):
  • Creature Exchange (due Dec 21st)
  • Collab w/ Bram
  • Art Trade w/ Saycha x2 (due ??)
  • This contest: Lets try this again
  • Apply to zine (cue shameless promotion of Zine-Scene)
  • Do a little comic
  • Art for friends x??? (Due Dec 30th)
  • Gifts for fam and friends (Due Dec 23rd)
  • Make some prints
  • Do 3/4 appliances for TD (due Jan 15th)
  • Rework commission info
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Erin Shores
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